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Gorilla trekking facts

Below is a list of 13 important gorilla trekking facts.

  • Gorilla Trekking, ┬áhiking and tracking takes place at altitudes of 3000 metres-this means that moderate/ average physical fitness is what is necessary and not athletic fitness.
  • Gorilla safaris Rwanda are conducted by patient, qualified and knowledgeable ranger guides with wide experience in natural history with particular attention to gorilla behaviour .
  • Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda conducted at a moderate pace with plenty of stops for resting, fielding questions further briefs etc.
  • Competitivehiking is discouraged as the aim of the guides, porters and rangers is for all the group members to make it to the gorillas and back to the base.
  • Believe it or not, the slowest hiker/ trekker will determine the pace of the trek.
  • This daily adventure has made the mountain gorilla one of the most expensive animals though not in league of the teddy bears
  • Gorilla tracking is a clean practice (eco friendly) which ensures minimal impact to the local community, the environment and the gorillas.
  • Rules and regulations have been put in place forthe safety of the trackers, the gorillas and to check adverse environmental impacts. Besides these rules and regulations guarantees the continued existence of the gorilla as species, that is to avoid the extinction of the gorillas.
  • Encounter with the Gorillas has been described as "thrilling, evocative and even emotional." The gigantic silver-backs are gentle and will rarely attach unless provoked.
  • Young gorillas are a bit adventurous even playful and will come to touching distance of individual trackers.
  • They are particularly attracted to bright colors like yellow. In that case avoid them.
  • There are currently approximately 700 mountain gorillas in the wild. Thus these animals are classified as endangered species. If unchecked gorilla trekking can endanger the life of gorillas.
  • That makes a total of 56 permits per day.

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