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Where To Stay In Zanzibar East Coast?

Any person looking for accommodation in Zanzibar is spoilt for choice. Zanzibar has numerous facilities to choose from ranging from basic cheapest properties to cater for tourists or budget travellers to most luxurious vip class resorts for businessmen and company executive. No matter you class we have great deals for you. Are you looking for accommodation in Zanzibar? A beach Resort or hotel, a hometay or apartment in Zanzibar East coast? Look no further. For the best offers, cheapest discounted rates and prices, Email:, Tel:/WhatsApp +254723684974

Zanzibar East Coast Hotels and Beach Resorts- An Introduction

Zanzibar East Coast is a world class tourist destination whose appeal lies in its palm fringed white sandy beaches kissing the turquoise warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the numerous activities on offer and the friendly swahili culture of the local people. Numerous activities on offer makes a premier choices for adventurers, honeymooners and leisure lovers. The East coast has numerous accommodation facilities to cater for different categories of travellers. They vary from the modest BBs for budget visitors to all inclusive luxurious self contained resorts. East Coast of Zanzibar is a special holiday destination ideal for week long stays, honey moons or weekend escapes. Zanzibar is an ideal destination for holiday getaways,relaxation and adventure.

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Sandies Mapenzi Beach Club, one of the luxury hotels in north coast of Zanzibar.

East Coast of Zanzibar is one of the most ideal place for beach holiday, relaxation and honeymoons. The beaches of Dongwe, Mchavi, Bwejuu boasts some of the most luxurious beach hotels in Zanzibar. The most famous and luxurious, top of the range of the Zanzibar East coast Hotelsare, Balaza Beach Resort USD 1100 per night, The Palm Zanzibar USD 1200, Zawadi Hotel USD 670 and Karafuu Beach Village 245. Budget properties include, Kai Funk USD 68, Pearl Beaach Zanzibar USD 76, Shanuo Beach Bungalows USD 62, Manana Beach Bungalows USD 74, Kichanga Lodge USD 80. Thebeach hotels of Zanzibar East coast cater for a diverse clientele. Our Zanzibar East Coast Hotel Directory while not exhaustive, gives one a guideline as to the location of hotel and the room rates. The room rates shown below are subject to confirmation on making enquiries. We have also included the hotels in the islands like Chapwani and Mnemba. The Hotels directory has two main columns for rates-Single and double. Some hotels have triple rooms or an extra bed facility.

East Coast Hotels Zanzibar
Best Offers Rates For Zanzibar Beach Resorts
  • Balaza Beach Resort USD 1000
  • The Palm Zanzibar USD 1100
  • Qambani Zanzibar USD 799
  • Zawadi Hotel USD 542
  • Baraza Resort and Spar USD 535
  • Neptune Pwani Beach Resort & Spa USD 542
  • Tulia Zanzibar USD 406
  • Jua Retreat USD 381
  • Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa USD 339
  • Anna Zanzibar USD 320
  • Konokono Beach Resort USD 286
  • Melia Zanzibar USD 280
  • Dream of Zanzibar USD 278
  • Anna Zanzibar USD 259
  • Boutique Matlai Hotel USD 245
  • Karafuu Beach Village 245
  • Michavi Sunset Bau USD 192
  • Diamonds Mapenzi USD 225
  • Ocean Paradise Resort & Spa USD 211
  • Breezees Beach Club & Spa USD 220
  • Sevi Boutique USD 205
  • Albatross Ocean View USD 126
  • The Sands Beach Resort USD 122
  • Milele Beach Resort USD 167
  • Upendo Zanzibar USD 215
  • Pongwe Beach Hotel USD 155
  • Dongwe Ocean View USD 135
  • Blue Bay Beach Resort & Spa USD 130
  • Jambian Villas USD 106
  • Kisiwa on the Beach USD 99
  • Zan Palm USD 98
  • Kikoi Boutique USD 97
  • The Sands Beach Resort USD 97
  • Uroa Bay Beach Resort USD 81
  • Paradise Beach Resort USD 81
  • Baldin Beach Resort USD
  • Ras Michavi Beach Resort USD
  • Sultan Palace USD
  • Breezes Beach Club And Spar USD
Budget Properties
  • Kai Funk USD 58
  • Pearl Beaach Zanzibar USD 66
  • Shanuo Beach Bungalows USD 52
  • Manana Beach Bungalows USD 64
  • Kichanga Lodge USD 69
  • Laguna Palace USD 66
  • Royal Palm Kendwa USD 47
  • H&H Beach Bungalow USD 42
  • Coccobello Zanzibar USD 48
  • Dream Of Kendwa
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Diamonds Mapenzi Beach Club one of the luxury hotels

Do not hesitate to ask for it.The North coast, the East coastand the North East coast beach hotels offer the best places for relaxation and water sports. Activities in this region include swimming, sun bathing, diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, boat rides or wind surfing.Nungwi village to the North is the centre of Zanzibar dhow building. If you desire to make contact with the locals, you can arrange for Henna tattooing with the local women.This Hotel directory is for guidance only and not direction specific. Some hotels in the North East coast may seem to be in the East coast to some of us which is not wrong. Other properties will offer horse riding and cruises. Below are the high and low season dates in Zanzibar.

What to see and do in Zanzibar?

Tourist Attractions And Activities In Zanzibar, An Introduction

Every year thousands of visitors from all over the world flock into Zanzibar to enjoy their holidays. A significant number of visitors come for business. Others come for religious festivals and events. Ours is to give the most appropriate answers to these questions. What's pulling people to Zanzibar? Or What are the tourist attractions in Zanzibar? What is the allure, magic of Zanzibar? Zanzibar's fame as a world class tourist destination is attributed to its excellent location and agreable climate, numerous activities and attractions on offer like scuba diving, deep sea fishing and snockerling, political stability, world class facilities, annual cultural events and festivals not forgeting the friendly atmosphere afforded by the Zanzibari.

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Diamonds Mapenzi Beach Club

Zanzibar Tourist Attractions - Activities, Events, Festivals, Accommodation Lodges, Beach hotels

Zanzibar Tourist Attractions And Tourist Activities- A summary

Tourist attractions in Zanzibar comprise of watersports and tourist activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, deep sea fishing, shore cruises and boatrides; award winning world class white sandy palm fringed beaches in the backdrop of clear blue skies, colorful marine and coral gardens, warm waters of the indian ocean in addition to rich swahili culture of the locals characterized by long history, wonderful architecture, rich hospitality background. The warm tropical climate characterized by a cool perfumed ocean breeze is a major plus without which all the above would be irrelevant. Whats the best time to visit Zanzibar? Besides the rainy season (Which should be avoided by all) the rest of year.

Lovely palm fringed beaches, water sports, rich culture and historical sites are some of the unique tourist attractions in Zanzibar. Our safaris in Zanzibar are conducted by knowledgeable guides with deep knowledge of local culture. The safaris will include visits to the historical old town commonly referred t0 by the locals as 'Mji Mkongnwe'. The best way to get around Zanzibar is by foot. Other options include-motor taxi, motor cycle, bicycle, matatu. You can also rent a car. The best dive centres and padi schools are to be found in the north (Nungwi) and east coast.

The main tourist attractions and activities in Zanzibar are:

Below is a summary list of Zanzibar tourist Attractions and activities

  1. .The stone town :

  2. The stone town refers to that area of Zanzibar in the heart of the old town with winding narrow streets and historical buildings. This part of Zanzibar is referred to by the local people as 'Mji Mkongwe' translated Ancient Village or Old town. Our guided safaris in this part of Zanzibar includes visits to the historical sites and buildings like house of wonders, palace museum (People's Palace), Livingstone's House, Old Fort, former slave market, bazaars,  old harbor etc.

    The Old Town Tour

    The old town tour takes you to the following historical sites

    • The House of Wonders:

      The first to have electricity in the Zanzibar, it is the former palace of Sultan Barghash.

    • The Palace Museum:

      Used to be the Royal residence of the Sultan of Zanzibar until the dynasty was overthrown in 1964.

    • The Old Arab Fort:

      In recent years it has been renovated to house the Zanzibar Cultural centre. The Arab Fort is the centre of Zanzibar Festivals. These include Zanzibar Festival of the Dhow Countries / Zanzibar International Film Festival- This festival involves theatre, traditional and co temporally music, display of paintings, crafts and sculptures. The Festival is held from 30 June to 9th July every year. The Zanzibar Cultural Festival- Also held for a whole week in July, it brings together musicians from different parts of the world.

    • The Anglican Cathedral:

      Constructed in 1877 on the site of former slave market it is still in use today. The only evidence of the slave activities are the underground chambers at the St. Monica hostel.

    • Livingstone's House:

      Built by Sultan Said Majid who ruled Zanzibar from 1856 to 1870 built this house around 1860. Dr. David Livingstone used it as a base for his last journey into the interior of Africa. Several other missionaries and explorers also used it as a starting point e.g. Burton and Speke.

    • The Old Dispensary (Stone Town Cultural Centre):

      Located on the seafront along Mizingani road, four story building with a set of decorative balconies served as a dispensary during colonial times but fell into disrepair in the 1970's and 1980's. It has been successfully restored with funding from the Aga Khan Trust for Culture.

  3. The Waters sports/ Dive Centres and Adventures training

    Zanzibar has warm tropical waters ideal for coral growth and development. Shallow lagoons with colorful coral gardens surround the island. The best time to dive is between October and March. Water visibility will vary from 5 meters to 30 meters. Popular dive sites are located to the north coast (Nungwi), North east coast (Mnemba Atoll) and East Coast Metemwe. Located near Pemba Channel is the Leven Banks with deep waters ideal for seasoned divers. The Mnemba Atoll off the north east coast of Zanzibar provides deep dives of up to 30 meters. Dive locations near stone town- Turtle Reef, Baribo Reef and Morogo reef though not popular with divers have rich colourful coral gardens. Serious divers should try Pemba, reputed to be the diving capital of East Africa.

  4. Diving in Pemba

    The stand alone lush green island of Pemba is a tropical paradise surrounded by colorful coral gardens. The waters are crystal clear with visibilities of 30 to 50 meters. All dive sites in Pemba are excellent. Dive sites in the west coast are located in three islands of Njao, Mesali and Fudhu. Mtaani channel to the south coast is fascinating with clarities of 50 meters. However the strong up and down currents makes it ideal for only seasoned divers. Places of stay in Pemba include Manta Reef Lodge for luxury, Swahili divers lodge for budget travelers. The easiest way of getting to Pemba is flying in. Speed boat transfers are available from Kenya. Ships from Zanzibar takes lots of time.

  5. Agriculture and the spice plantation tours:

    Zanzibar is famous for her cloves. Other spices are nutmeg, vanilla, cardamon and cinnamon, the spices which motivated the Sultan of Oman to settle there permanently. Other than species, the island famous for tropical fruits, perfumes plants and food crops. Coconut palms, maize, yams, cassava are grown. Zanzibar is the main exporter of cloves in the world. Coconut palms source of copra used for flavouring and Coir, a strong fibre used for robes and mat making. Today timber from coconut palms is used to make attractive furniture.

  6. Jozani Forest and Ngenzi nature reserves:

    Jozani forest and Ngezi nature reserves are the centre of biodiversity in Zanzibar. Jozani forest is the largest area of mature forest left on the island. It is also host to the endangered Zanzibar Red Colobus monkey , several species of butterflies, about 40 species of birds and several other animals.

  7. Bird-life-

    Over 200 species of birds have been identified in Zanzibar

  8. Mammals in Zanzibar:

    Zanzibar is home to various mammals-leopard, galago ( bush baby, Java civet, African civet, various mongooses, Zanzibar red colobus, blue monkey vervet monkey bush pig, tree hyrax, Alder's duiker, sunis have all been recorded.

  9. Reptiles:

    Zanzibar is the best place to spot the giant tortoise. Other reptiles include frogs and chameleons.

  10. Prison island or Changuu:

    Across the west coast of Zanzibar 30 minutes by boat from Stone town is Changuu Island with its beautiful beaches ideal for swimming, sun bath and snorkeling

  11. Kizimkazi fishing village:

    Located in the southern tip of Zanzibar, the fishing village hosts several schools of Dolphins, 12th Century mosques, tombs dating 17th Century. The highlight of the tour to the village is a swim with the dolphins.

  12. Nungwi:

    To the Northern tip of Zanzibar lies the fishing village of Nungwi which is famous for its beautiful beaches ideal for swimming sunbathing or just relaxing.  

  13. Scuba diving:

  14. Dhow cruises and adventures the small islands

  15. Sun bathing and swimming in the sandy beaches

  16. Kizimkazi tour

  17. Sailing

  18. Dance and Music

    Zanzibar is famous for its dance and music. Taraab is a very alluring and attractive dance performed by the Zanzibar. Besides, there is Ngoma ( drumbeating. Most of the hotels will organize traditional tropes to perform Taraab or Ngoma for their guests.

  19. Cultural Festivals And Events

    Cultural festivals in Zanzibar are marked with lots of great pomp and enthusiasm. They are a time of merry making and generosity, visiting friends and relatives and of course a time of great shopping.

    • The festival of Idul Fitr

      End of the holy month of Ramathan is not complete without exchange of gifts. This day know as Eid (Sikukuu or holyday) is not known as it depends on lunar calendar. Once announced, it opens the gates of great celebrations and merry making. People mark it by preparing traditional swahili food, visiting friends, relatives, dancing to tarab and disco concerts, buying of new clothes.

    • The Mwaka Kongwa ( New year festivities)

      celebrated end of July. The four day long festival culminates with a ceremony at Makuduchi village. The festival is marked by mock fights among men and big bon fires. Women dressed in their best grace the occasion with singing songs of love.

    • Sauti Za Busara "Words of Wisdom"

      Also called Swahili Music and Cultural Festival is a three day long extravagance exhibiting showcasing a diversity of performing arts- music, theatre and dance.

    • The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)

      Held in the first two weeks of July. The festival is held together with Festival of the Dhow Countries and it celebrates the arts and cultures of the African and the Gulf States of Iran, India, Pakistan and the islands of the Indian Ocean, collectively known as the Dhow countries. Activities include music, theatre and dance performances, workshops and exhibitions.

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Tourism Activities in Zanzibar

Tourist activities in zanzibar include:

Things To Do In East Africa

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