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Lamu Hotels/Shela hotels/Kiwayu Hotels&Attractions-A  guide to  accommodation/hotels, beach resorts, safaris, car hire/rental and tourist attractions.  Excellent hotels and guest houses are found at Shela and the nearby islands of mada and Mada Toto.    Lamu has  no cars and the only mode of transport is the donkey or a boat.   Kiwayu in the mainland has some of the most exotic resorts in Kenya.  Our car hire and hotels services are available in Mombasa, Malindi and Nairobi.

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Getting To Lamu  

Lamu  Hotels Directory/Shela  Hotels/Kiwayu Hotels &  Accommodation

In the northern coast of Kenya, 265 Km North of Mombasa lies Lamu Island.   The Lamu Archipelago comprises of six large islands and countless smaller ones.  The Lamu islands include-Lamu with towns of Lamu and Shela, Pate, Mada, Siyu, Kiwayu, Mada Toto.  With, un spoilt  remote white washed beaches and rich Swahili Culture Lamu is a must visit for any visitor to Kenya. 


Our Lamu Hotels/Accommodation Directory is a guideline of hotels and guest houses in  Lamu Kenya. The Lamu Directory will give you possible hotels/ accommodation facilities and their prices during high season.  The hotel rates will vary from season to season hence we will give you the exact rate at the time of the enquiry.

Lamu  Hotels Directory/ Lamu  Hotels, Lamu Guest houses, Lamu Tourist Attractions,
Property Name Location Rates In USD Meal Plan
Lamu Hotels   Single Double
LAMU WORLD / HOUSE HOTEL Shela/ Shella, Lamu 180.00  250.00 BB
 KIJANI HOUSE HOTEL Shela/ Shella,  Kenya 145.00  200.00 BB
170.00  250.00 HB
190.00  300.00 FB


.>>>Shela House Hotel  Shela, ( Max 12 Guests)  800.00 These rates are per house per day during summer( 14Jul-7 Sep)
>>>Beach House Hotel  Shela Lamu Kenya (Max 9 Guests)  1650.00
>>>Palm House Hotel  Shela  (Max 9 Guests), Lamu  800.00
>>>Garden House Hotel  Shela  (Max 6 Guests), Lamu   375.00
 PEPONI HOTEL Lamu Kenya      
>>>Superior Rooms   280.00 364.00 BB
    350.00 504.00 FB
>>>Standard Rooms   231.00 280.00 BB
    301.00 420.00 FB
KIPUNGANI EXPLORER South Western tip of Lamu      
KIZINGO BEACH RESORT Shela Beach, Lamu  290.00 360.00 FB
Munira Island/Mike's Camp  Kiwayu Island, Lamu    440.00  FB
KIWAYU SAFARI VILLAGE  Kiwayu (Mainland) Lamu  530.00  860.00 FB
FATUMA'S TOWER  Shela Beach, Lamu  80.00 120.00 BB
BLUE SAFARI CLUB  Mada Island Lamu  450`.00  800.00  FB

Getting to Lamu -Flights

Lamu can be accessed from Nairobi,  Mombasa or Malindi by Air, road and sea.

Baggage Allowance:  All the flights below have a baggage allowance of 15 Kilograms per passenger.

From Europe

>>Kenya Airways /KLM operates connecting flights via Nairobi from where connect to Lamu.  You land at Manda Island airstrip and from Mada, you are picked by ferries to either Lamu /Shela.

From Nairobi

  • Kenya Airways operate daily departures from JKIA via Malindi. Flights depart at  11:00 v in Lamu at 13:10.  The return flight departs Lamu 13:40 via Malindi, arriving in Nairobi 15:50.

  • Air Kenya Aviation operate daily departures from Nairobi Wilson at 13:15 and arrives Lamu 14:45.  The return flight departs Lamu 15:45 and arrives Nairobi Wilson 17:45

  • Safari Link Operate daily flights from Wilson airport 13:15 and arrives Lamu 14:45.  Return flight depart Lamu at 15:30 and arrives Wilson airport 17:45

Flights From  Malindi to Lamu

  • Kenya Airways operates daily departures from Malindi to Lamu

From Mombasa to Lamu

  • Mombasa Air Safari operate flights ombasa - Malindi - Lamu - Malindi - Mombasa (Does not fly daily) Departing (On request) Mombasa 16:30 arriving Malindi 17:00. Departing Malindi 17:05 arriving lamu 17:25 The return flight depart Lamu 17:30 arriving Malindi 18: 00. Departing Malindi 18:05 arriving Mombasa 18:30

Lamu Tourist Attractions 

Despite its remote location Lamu has a large number of tourist attractions.  The attractions include the following.

  • The donkey clinic/Sanctuary

  • Dhow making at Matondoni

  • Lamu Museum exhibiting the history and culture of the people of Lamu

  • Swahili House Museum-A recreation of a traditional Swahili House with cookware, beds and other furniture.  Among the exhibits are the ceremonial death bed and the echo chambers where the house wife would receive guests in absence of the husband without being seen.

  • Lamu Fort- built by the sultan of Pate between 1810 and 1823. Served as prison from 1910 to 1984.  Today it houses Lamu's Library.

  • German Post Office Museum-Built by the Germans it has exhibits of the colonial era photographs.

  • Rich Swahili Culture

  • Water sports

  • Remote beaches of Kiwayu Island

  • Exclusive community beaches of Shela

Lamu Tourist Activities/; what to do

Numerous activities are available for travellers to Lamu.  While some will choose to enjoy the seductive sea breezes others will take to hard adventure activities like deep sea fishing, snorkeling, dhow cruises to the remote islands.  The main activities

  • Water sports like deep sea fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, wind surfing, water skiing

  • Bird Walks

  • Bush walks with the aim of visiting the local villagers and watch as they make Mkeka (traditional marts), pound maize

  • Historic tours of Lamu takes you to the historical buildings, museums etc.

Lamu Dhow cruises-A variety of cruises can be organized depending on the length. All cruises will including fishing and snorkeling.  All cruises are timed to start from Lamu or Shela.

  • Sunset trips organized by the local captains are very popular.

  • Takwa ruins cruises to the Mada Island will take the best part of the day

  • Cruises to Pate takes 3 Hours.

  • A dhow cruise to Matondoni will take 3 hours in a speed boat, 5-6 hours by a sail boat.

  • Full Moon Dhow Cruise is the best of them all featuring drinks and lobster dinner.

  • The French Twin Cup is a dhow race held in August and it requires European crew members

  • The new year dhow race is organized.

Lamu Festivals

  • Lamu Maulid Festival to celebrate the birth of prophet Muhammed. The Maulid festival are enlived by colourful local dances including the Ngoma dances Quivering sword dance.  Organized events during the festival include swimming, poetry reading, calligraphy competitions, donkey and dhow races.

  • The Lamu Cultural Festival held on the last week of August is another attraction.

  • Donkey Awards Festival organized by Lamu Donkey Sanctuary awards the owners of the best cared for donkey.

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