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4x4 Car Hire Kampala Airport, Uganda 4wd Rental Entebbe Tel:/WhatsApp +254723684974

4x4 car Hire Kampala Airport/4wd rental Entebbe , Uganda rent a car company offering self drive or chauffeur driven safari jeeps, SUV prados and Rav4s for limitless discovery. Out 4x4 Travel Shop offers wide range of suv cars, 4wd safari jeeps at Entebbe Airport with drivers (chauffeur driven) at discounted rates. Our car hire fleet of 4x4 cars for hire comprise of 4x4 Toyota Prados, Rav4s, safari land cruisers, nissan xtrails, vanguards, Hyundai, Suzuki GVitara.

Gorilla Safaris Rwanda
"For infinite holidays and fearless adventures- they don't call us safari and car hire kings for nothing"
For quick 4x4 car hire at Entebbe Airport; Contact us now

Quick CONTACT: WHATSAPP:+254702043040; rnxploresafaris@gmail.com / info@gorillasafarisrwanda.com ;Telephone/ call us +254723684974/ +254729641204

18 Jun 2021 21:45:44 +0300

4x4 Cars available for hire at Kampala Airport, Entebbe Uganda

Hire 4x4 Toyota Prado Kampala

4x4 4wd car hire Kampala airport Uganda, 4wd car rental Entebbe, toyota rav4, prado, land cruiser, suv

Daily Rates

  • USD 120.00 on self drive
  • USD 150.00 with driver
  • USD 250.00 with driver and fuel
Hire Toyota Prado at Kampala now Email us: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com

4x4 safari car hire Kampala  Airport, entebbe rent rav4, safari land cruiser, prado Uganda 4wd self drive rental

Daily Rates

  • USD 60.00 on self drive
  • USD 80.00 with driver
  • USD 150.00 with driver and fuel
Hire Toyota Rav4 at Kampala now Email us: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com
NB: Available for use in Serengeti

hire 4x4 car Entebbe airport Kampala, grand vitara, toyota prado, rav4, safari land cruiser, unlimited mileage, self drive, rent with driver, hire 4wd grand vitara Kampala

Daily Rates

  • USD 60.00 on self drive
  • USD 80.00 with driver
  • USD 150.00 with driver and fuel
Hire Suzuki G. Vitara Kampala now Email us: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com

hire 4x4 nissan xtrail Kampala airport, entebbe, uganda 4wd rental services, unlimited mileage, toyota rav4, prado, safari land cruiser

Daily Rates

  • USD 70.00 on self drive
  • USD 90.00 with driver
  • USD 160.00 with driver and fuel
Hire Toyota Prado Kampala now Email us: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com

Hire 4x4 safari land cruiser, 4wd rental Kampala airport Kampala eentebbe Uganda - safari mini van with driver, toyota prado, rav4,m self drive unlimited mileage  hire,

Daily Rates

  • USD 120.00 on self drive
  • USD  150.00 with driver
  • USD 250.00 with driver and fuel
Hire Safari Land Cruiser Kampala now Email us: nxploresafaris@gmail.com

4x4 car hire Entebbe airport Uganda, 4wd car rental Kampala, rent toyota premio, rav4, prado, safari land cruiser, unlimited mileage, self drive

Daily Rates

  • USD 100.00 on self drive
  • USD 120.00 with driver
  • USD 200.00 with driver and fuel
Hire Toyota Prado at Kampala now Email us: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com

Hire 4x4 Toyota Prado Kampala

4x4 4wd car hire Kampala airport Uganda, hire toyota prado, premio, land cruiser, safari land cruiser,rav4 car rental Kampala

Daily Rates

  • USD 100.00 on self drive
  • USD 120.00 with driver
  • USD 200.00 with driver and fuel
Hire Toyota Prado at Kampala now Email us: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com

Hire Toyota Premio Kampala

4x4 car hire Kampala , uganda 4wd car rental company, rent toyota premio,  prado,  rav4, safari land cruiser,   Entebbe airport car hire companies, services, unlimited mileage, self drive

Daily Rates

  • USD 60.00 on self drive
  • USD 80.00 with driver
  • USD 100.00 with driver and fuel
Hire Toyota Premio Kampala now Email us: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com
NB: This car is for town use only


The above 4x4 car hire rates are valid throughout the year. The rates include:

Recommeded Safaris

Self drive car hire at Kampala Airport/ Entebbe is your best option:


The above 4wd car hire rates are valid throughout the year. The rates include:

  • Free Mileage allowance/Unlimited mileage offer
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Driver/self drive options
  • Free delivery at the airport or hotel within Nairobi
  • VAT and other government taxes


All our self drive cars come with comprehensive cover insurance which include:

  • CWD - Colission Damage Waiver
  • TPW - Theft protection Waiver
  • Accidental fire
  • Excess liability waiver
  • Third party damages
The insurance excess varies from one car to another. All guests are expected to have their own personal travel insurance that include evacuation cover. All guests without prove of travel insurance will be required to purchase AAR evacuation cover or sign a waiver of responsibility form.


Safety/ security, privacy and flexibility are the main advantages of self drive car hire. Self drive car hire must never be mistaken for self driving cars our autonous cars. While self driving cars or autonomous cars refer to cars that are computer operated, self drive car hire refer to renting a car and driving yourself or hiring a car to be driven by your own driver, family member or friend. Self drive car hire allows one to take charge of their own road safety, privacy and safari schedule. Self drive car hire allows one to drive any type of car they want even though they cannot afford to buy them. Self drive car hire is the best optionif you desire to explore Kenya on your own, for honey mooners who desire total privacy, for business people on tight schedule.


Self drive car hire requirements

  • Valid driving license
  • Identification documents

    We require copies of your valid driving license and passport

  • Driver Age
    Driver must be above 23 years of age

For more details email us: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com or WhatsApp +254723684974

Self drive car hire in Kampala is the best option:

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Browse Our Popular Adventures To book our poular adventures Email: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com

Car Hire In East Africa

To hire cars email: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com

National Parks

Tanznaia National Parks

At 4x4 car hire Kampala Airport/ Entebbe we offers 24 hours service at tel +254723684974 or WhatsApp+254729641204 or Email us at rnxploresafaris@gmail.com. Self drive 4x4 car hire Kampala / Uganda is ideal for those who desire roadtrips, infinite and fearless holidays to the famous destinations like Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Bwindi, Mgahinga . From entebbe you can also visit far off places in Tanzania likeSerengeti, lake Manyara, Tarangire ,Ngorongoro. You too can visit destinations in Kenya like Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Samburu or Mombasa

Kampala 4x4 Car Hire Company (The Safari Kings/ Car Hire Moguls):-

Why Hire Car with us at Kampala Airport, Entebbe

4x4 Car Hire Kampala Airport EBB, Nollegio auto Kampala/4wd Car Rental Kampala Airport Uganda Companies, Tel +254723684974/ +254729641204. A Guide to self dirve unlimited mileage 4x4 car hire and rental services at Kampala international Airport. Cars for hire in Kampala are available on self drive or with driver/ chauffeur driven. Available cars for hire Toyota Rav4, Pajero i/o, Honda CRV , Suzuki Grand Vitara, Nisan X-trail 4x4, Toyota Prado, and sedans-Toyota Premio, Toyota Allion. Safari cars for hire in Kampala include safari land cruisers , minivans, 4x4 car hire.


Kampala Aiport car hire companies have different formulas of calculating 4wd rental rates. Some 4x4 car hire companies base their rates on mileage, yet others use a flat daily rates. A major factor guiding our car rental quotes are prevailing discounts. Always check if you qualify for a particular discount. Our car hire rates or prices are calculated on an all inclusive flat daily rate on unlimited mileage basis. A day refer to 24 Hours hours but for practical purposes our day refer to use of car during 12 hours of daylight. That means use of car from 06:00 Hrs to about 20:00Hrs. The car hire rates are valid up to: Throughout the year. To rent a car in KampalaEmail us: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com or info@gorillasafarisrwanda.com

Cars and description
The Toyota Prado
4x4 car hire entebbe airport, uganda 4wd car hire Kampala, hire toyota prado Kampala

4x4wd (Four wheel drive) SUV with Air conditioning, power mirrors and windows Stereo tape/CD player, Automatic or manual transmission, Abs, 2/3or 5 doors, for 2/4/5 passengers and luggage space. In this category are Land Rover Discovery, Toyota land cruiser Prado,  Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Terrano. Engine 2.5cc-3.0cc. Insurance- Car comes with either comprehensive insurance.

The Toyota Rav4

Economy 4x4 (Four wheel drive) cars with Air Condition, Stereo tape/CD player, Manual or automatic transmission, 2/4/5 door, ABS, Air bags, power windows and power mirrors. Passengers 2/4 passengers Luggage space. Included in this category are Toyota Rav 4, Suzuki GVitara,  Honda CRV, Mitsubishi Pajero, Pajero i/O. Nissan X Trail, Engine Capacity 1.6-2.0cc || Insurance- Car comes with either comprehensive insurance- inclusive of CDW, TPW. Rental options-self drive, Chauffeur driven or car hire with driver.

Hire Sedan/ Saloon Car

Salooncars/sedans/ Station wagons with /4 doors ,Aircon, Automatic or Manual transmission, power windows and mirrors, Stereo Mp3/CD player, 2WD, ABS, Air Bags 2, 4 or 5 passengers, Boot. Included are ,Toyota Corolla, Corona, NZE, Toyota Premio,Hyundai Accent etc. Engine 1.3cc , 1.5, 1.8,2.0cc.

The Safari Mini Van

The safari mini van is either a custom made Toyota Hiace or Nissan Urvan with pop up roof and seats configured for maximum comfort and reclining. Another feature is the off road nature of this car. It is either 2 WD or 4x4wd with 4 doors, Air con, Stereo Mp3/CD player, Manual/ Automatic Transmission, Luggage space. Seats 6-8 Passengers. nsurance- Car comes with either comprehensive insurance- inclusive of CDW, TPW. Car rental options-self drive, Chauffeur driven with or without fuel.

The Safari Land Cruiser

The safari Land cruiser is custom made for safari with pop up roof. The car comes with a driver. Self drive is not allowed. Features-4WD or 4x4 (Four wheel Drive), 5 doors, Air conditioining, Stereo Mp3/CD player, Manual Transmission, seat 6-8 passengers, Luggage space. Insurance- Car comes with either comprehensive insurance- inclusive of CDW, TPW. Car rental options-self drive, Chauffeur driven with or without fuel.

Discount Car Hire Rates

R&N Car Hire Kampala has multiplicity of discount for a diversity of customers. Embassies, corporate -banks and Un and their bonafide staff enjoy corporate discounts. Long holiday makers renting for a week and over enjoy qualified discounts.  Likewise repeat clients enjoy preferential discounts. Always check if you qualify for any discounts

How to hire a 4x4 car in Kampala Airport, Entebbe Uganda:

Before hiring 4x4 in Kampala, it is important to put into considerations:-

Once you have decided the vehicle to hire just email us: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com

Conditions of 4x4 Car Rental in Kampala

Advance Payment.

Car hire must be paid for in advance for the entire period of hire. A deposit is required to confirm a booking in any of our locations in East Africa.

Extension Of Hire

Extension of hire is subject to availability and is subject to conditions. Corporate, Embassy Staff and NGOs; and holiday makers will get automatic extension once requested via telephone or email.

Refundable Depositin case of damage to the car:

4x4 self drive car hire in Arusha Tanzania will attract a refundable deposit of USD 200.00 (Five hundred only) or more per vehicle as a sign of good will that you will return the car in good condition. Not must:- a refundable deposit is not a must. In some cases it will be waived.

Kampala Airport car hire Insurance

All self drive cars come with comprehensive insurance cover. Comprehensive cover include the following;

Deposit Upon Confirmation of Booking

All confirmed booking must be secured by a deposit via a credit card or bank transfer. no booking will be confirmed without a deposit. Deposit will be determined by the length of rental.

Driver Age/ Driving License

The hire must be between atleast 23 years of age. The hirer must present a valid driving licence recognized by any authority. An international driving licence is not a must. Also one must have valid identification document.All East Africans wishing to hire cars must produce further proof of identification. The officer in charge of a location has the right to decline one car hire if he feels the safety of the car is not guaranteed. Such refusal is not subject of review by any other employee of the company or owners.

Chauffeur driven Services/ Car hire with driver at Kampala

We do offer Chauffeur driven services. Being tour drivers, they do not usually observe the 8:00 to 17:00 Hrs work schedule. Work for our drivers is usually assignment driven. As the hirer you are expected to issue reasonable instructions to the driver. The driver is at your disposal. However an overworked driver is likely to cause accidents.

Driving Code

In Uganda we keep left.The hirer or his official driver is expected to observe all traffic rules. At all junctions and round about, give way to people coming from your right. Pay all parking fees and any fines as a result of speeding. Driving along Mombasa road can be dangerous. That road is "owned" by the trailers. Give way to them all the time irrespective of your right of way. Avoid driving under influence. If you must drink and drive, drink water or milk.

Highway requirements:

For car rental or hire in Uganda, like other countries the police checks can ruin your trip. To avoid complications with the Tanzania police, make sure that the car rental company or individual has the necessary papers for the car. These include Current insurance certificate. Car Accessories -spare wheel, jack, fire extinguisher, life saver triangle.

Pick up and drop off points:

Unless you are already within the country, our rental include Kampala and Entebbe airport transfers. We pick you at the airport and return you to the airport. Cars can also be dropped at our Entebbe/ Arusha office, or your hotel at the expiry of rental. We do airport transfers from Entebbe international airport (Kampala) to the town centre or any destination within Uganda.

Airport transfers between EBB (Entebbe International Airport) to the city hotels will take between 20 and 30minutes depending on the traffic situation and your hotel of destination. We also offer transfer services between Entebbe and other destinations in Uganda like Kabale, Bwindi, Murchison falls, Lira, Guru, Jinja.

Weekly And Monthly Rentals

These rentals are available on request.

Car rental may include the following items on request

Places of interest/tourist attractions within Kampala


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