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Mt Kenya region is full of attractions and activities.  Besides Mt Climbing other activities include horse riding, bird watching, trout fishing, camel riding, night game drives, aerial and helicopter tours.  To the west of Mt Kenya is Laikipia full of Private and community ranches with private homes and luxury eco-lodges like Mukutan, Mutamaiyu House, Loisaba, Lewa House, Il Ngwsei, Borana, Tassia, Ol Pejeta etc.

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 Mtount Kenya National Park / Mt. Kenya National Reserve/ Mt Kenya Forest-World Heritage Site 

 Mt. Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa after Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro.  The Kikuyu used to call it Kirinyaga, the pied mountain or Mountain of ostritch”.  The mountain itself is an awe-inspiring sight with its ragged, snow capped peaks.  Mt Kenya was revered among the surrounding communities as the dwelling ground of their God.  The Kikuyu, the Kamba, Embu and Meru communities believed that their God,"Ngai" dwelt on the mountain. Note that these communities were never idol worshippers but just like Israelites who believed that God dwelt in Mt Sinai.  Being one of the most impressive landscapes in East Africa Unesco has classified it as one of World Heritage Sites.  


Mount Kenya has three main peaks - Batian (5199m), Nelion (5,189m) and Lenana (4,985m), all named after famed Maasai Laibons.  While any hiker or excursionist can reach Lenana, Batian and Nelion can only be reached by technical climbers.  The peaks and the moorlands are within Mt Kenya National Park.


Mount Kenya National Park is Kenya’s premier water catchment area. It is the source of Kenya's main rivers like the Tana and Ewaso Ngiro.  The Eastern and southern slopes are intensively cultivated by Embu, Meru and Kikuyu communities.  The main cash crops in the region include coffee, tea and pyrethrum. 


Laikipia Plateau- Private Ranches, Nature conservancies, Community Ecologies

The western and northern slopes are dominated by the Laikipia Plateau, the meeting points of the farming and pastoral communities– the Samburu, cousins of the Maasai. Laikipia is famous for its cattle ranches, wheat and horticulture plantation and private conservancies.  The concept of cattle and communities ranches doubling into conservation has revolutionized tourism as we know it.  Cattle ranches in Laikipia have been converted into new models of conservation.  Lewa conservancy is particularly famous as a breeding ground of Black Rhinos.  Other private conservancies in the region include, Borana, Tassia,  Loisaba, Ol pejeta, Sweet waters,  Mugie and Mukutan.  The local communities like the Samburu have started their own community group ranches like Il Ngwesi, Il Munyiek etc.  Private ranches offer luxury in the midst of wild animals


Mt. Kenya National Park, Mt Kenya and Mt Kenya Game/Forest, though used as synonymous do not mean exactly the same.  Mt Kenya will refers to the rugged peaks which are visible from many parts of the country.


Mt.  Kenya National Park:

The Mount (Mt) Kenya National Park refers to that portion of the mountain above 3000 M (10,500 ft)  contour line. Mt Kenya National Park was established in 1949 for aesthetic, tourism and cultural purposes, to preserve water catchments and conserve biodiversity .  The Park occupy an area of 715 Km Square.  The Mt Kenya Forest/ Game reserve, refer to that portion below 3000 M contour with a forest.  The reserve surrounding the forest occupies an area of 2095 Km square.


Tourism Attractions in Mt Kenya Park Region:

Besides Mt Kenya National Park, the region has a large number of attractions worth your visit.  Among these are:

  • Culture- Mt Kenya region is the home to Kenya's Bantu communities-the Kikuyu, the Embu and the Meru.  Though the Western civilization has greatly influenced the lifestyle of these people, they have deep routed cultural practices that can be only be understood by staying with them.  Besides the Bantus, the nilotes of Northern Kenya-the Samburu and the Boran occupy some portions of Laikipia and the whole of Isiolo plains.

  • Private Game Ranches / Conservancies- these include, Lewa, Sweet Waters, Il Gwesi, Boran and Ol Pejeta.   Lewa and Sweet Waters have distinguished themselves as breeding grounds of rare black Rhinos and Grevy's Zebra.  Sweet Waters has the only Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kenya.

  • National Parks and Reserves-Samburu, Buffalo springs, Shaba national reserves,;Meru and Mt Kenya,  Marsabit Park, Bisinadi and Kora National Parks.Nkunga elephant maternity.

  • The Nkunga forest and the elephant Maternity; Have you heard that elephants have a specific breading grounds?  The area around lake Nkunga forest, a walking distance from Meru town has proofed to be truly the elephant maternity.  Elephants breed within this small forest between December and April.  Nursery Herds of up to 20 accompanied by a few days old calves can be observed on the Meru Isiolo road during this time. Visitors are however not allowed to observe actual births.  See photo of Nkunga elephants with youngs>>

Mt Kenya National Park -Safaris / Climbing Mt Kenya / Mt Kenya hiking, trekking and tracking :

Before embarking on climbing or hiking Mt. Kenya, acclimatization is very important.  A few  days at the base can be enough for that.  Climbing and hiking  takes 3-5 days and 2 days for descent and is led by a team of experienced mountaineers and naturalists.   In Mt Kenya accommodation is in the form of ready-pitched camps or  bunk-houses.  If you have to bring your camping material, a high altitude tent is recommended.


Climbing, Trekking,  hiking and tracking trails on Mt Kenya National Park:

The national park ascent routes/ trails include Naro Moru, the Burguret,  Sirimon and the Chogoria trail.   Ngunia trail is available from Serena Mountain Lodge. The Kamweti, Timau and Burguret have not been used for long..


Climbing/ Hiking/ Trekking Mt Kenya Accommodation on the trails

  • Chogoria Route -In this route has several campsites. There are several budget facilities at the base of this route.   The first 3-4 Hrs hike brings you to Lake Ellis Campsite(3500M).  The second day 3-4 Hours hike takes to Lake Michaelson Camp (4000M).  From here one can decide to ascend Point Lenana(4985M) or proceed to Mintos Hut for further  acclimatization to ascent point Batian(5199M).  Lake Michaelson is one of the sacred lakes  of the Meru people.  Whenever there were calamities, the elders would trek up the mountain to beseech God on the shores of the lake.

  • Naro Noro Route:  From the base hotels, drive to Met Station Bandas(3050M). Climbing up the vertical bog with spectacular views across Taleki Valley to Mackinder's Camp(4200M) will take you 6-7Hrs.  From Mackinder's Camp an early rise will take you to  the Austrian Hut (4790) and further to Point Lenana ( 4985M).

  • Sirimon Route:  From the base hotels of Nanyuki drive to Sirimon Bandas at the park gate.  From Sirimon 3-4 hours hike brings you to Old Moses (Judmaier) Camp(3350m).  From  Old Moses hike 5-6 hours to Shipton's Camp (4150m).  You have superb views of the peaks from here.  From Shipton's you have options of  trekking further to Kami Hut (4425) or Hausberg Col(4591m).  From Shipton's an early morning hike (4-5Hrs) takes you to point Lenana (4985M)

We have two hiking trekking safaris to Mt Kenya which allow climbers to ascend through Chogoria and descend via Naro Moru/ climb through Sirimon and descend via naro Moru etc. Below are some examples.  Please note that the Suggested safaris can be modified to suite your needs

1.  Climbing hiking Mt. kenya Chogoria Naro Moru  trail/route5 days safari

2.  Climb hiking Mt. Kenya Sirimon Chogoria trail/route 6 days safari

For the none climbers but adventurous who wants to enjoy spectacular views of  Mt. Kenya,  take close up photographs of the famous Mt Kenya peaks, stay in historical and exotic Mountain resorts of  SweeetWaters, Ol pejeta Ranch House or Mt Kenya Safari Club or even enjoy an excursion into the Mt Kenya and visit famous nature reserves of Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba; or enjoy nature in the private exclusive nature ranches of Northern Kenya (Sweet Waters, Lewa Downes, Ol Pejata etc) and unlimited encounter with the Samburu and Maasai, or visit Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Serengeti, the following safaris are tailor made for you.

1.  Nairobi/Mt.Kenya/Samburu /Sweet Waters/Lake Nakuru/Maasai Mara 9 days

2.  Nairobi/Maasai Mara/Amboseli/Arusha/Lake Manyara/Serengeti/Ngorongoro 11 days

3.  Nairobi Maasai Mara Amboseli Lake Manyara Serengeti Ngorongoro 11 days

4.  Nairobi/Naivasha/Mara 4 days

5.  Ngorongoro Serengeti Lake Manyara Safari

Apart from
hiking and climbing , other activities that people can undertake within Mt Kenya National Park  and the surrounding are:

Mt. Kenya Forest.  The Mt Kenya National Park  is surrounded by a belt of tropical mountain forest Reserve. Unique montane vegetation including podocarpus and groundsel, and finally one of the worlds rarest sights, equatorial snow.


Mammals in Mt Kenya National Park include, Black and White Colobus, Sykes Monkeys, bushbuck, rock Hyrax, Greater galago, buffalo, elephant, Olive Baboon, waterbuck, Black Rhino, black fronted duiker, leopard, giant forest hog, genet cat, bush pig and hyena, the rare bongo.


Other animals you will encounter in Mt Kenya National Park are Suni Antelope, Mt. Kenya Mole Rat, skinks (lizard), Montane Viper and a variety of owls. Albino Zebras have also been encountered.

Bird life
in Mt. Kenya National Park include, Crowned hawk eagle, Jackson's francolin,  Abyssinian long-eared owl, Green ibis, African black duck, Ayres' hawk eagle, Rufous-breasted, great sparrow hawks, Scaly francolin, Silvery-cheeked hornbill, Hartlaub's turaco, red headed parrot, bronze-napped pigeon, Mackinder's eagle owl, Rupell's robin chat.

Accommodation at the base towns.

Vegetation Succession
Part of the
Mt Kenya attraction is the fascinating vegetation.  As you go up the mountain vegetation changes

  • Below 2,000m - dry upland forest. 

  • 2,000m – 2,500m True mountain forest of mainly cedar and podocarpus.

  • 2,500m –3,000m - dense belt of bamboo forest which merges into the upper forest of smaller trees, interspersed with glades. In this area the trees are festooned with high altitude lichen.

  • 3,000 - 3,5000m open, dotted with shrubs: African Sage, protea and helichrysum.

  • above 3,500m) moor land, with little game other than high altitude zebra and eland, common in the northern moor land.

Giant Lobelias found in Mt Kenya include Lobelia telekii and Lobelia keniensis, with the former having narrow leaves and the later broad-leaved.   Otherunique plants are Romuela keniensis,  Disa,  Habenaria, and  the orange flowered gladiolus, Gladiolus Watsonioides

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