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The three national parks/ reserves of Buffalo Springs, Samburu and Shaba form a big block of conservation area in the remote Central Northern Kenya.  The lifeline of these reserves is the Ewaso Ngiro River.  They occupy Isiolo and Samburu Districts, the home to the pastoralists communities of the Boran, Gabra and the Samburu of Kenya.  Here the north meets the south.  These parks are unique in that you can sport the Southern and northern dwelling species co-exist,  hence the term North meets the South.  Unique species in this region include, the reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, Somali ostrich, the endangered Grevy's Zebra.
Buffalo Springs National  Reserve
Shaba National Reserve


Located: Samburu National Reserve is located in the Samburu district 325 Km North of Nairobi. The park is under the Samburu County Council.


Getting there:  There are daily flights to Samburu with stopovers at Nanyuki.  Alternatively one can easily drive to Samburu reserve.


Total area:  The Samburu Reserve has an area of 142 Km². 


This being the arid north, the lifeline of the reserve is the Ewaso Nyiro River, “River of brown waters”.  Part of the attraction are the colourful Samburu, the cousins of the Maasai who occupy this region.


The Samburu nature reserve is famous for its unique species of wildlife endemic to this region like the long necked Gerenuk (giraffe gazelle), Reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra, Beisa Oryx and the blue necked Somali ostrich, all to be found to the North of the Equator.


Besides the unique species, elephants, lions, cheetahs, Grevy's zebras, buffalos, Oryx, grants gazelles, dikdiks, cheetah, and  Hyena are to be found in Samburu Reserve


Over 365 species of birds have been recorded in Samburu Reserve, including kingfishers, humming birds and eagles, guinea fowls and vultures.


Oblivious of the inquisitive eyes huge crocodiles, with records of 6 metres bask along the river banks while schools of hippos inhabit the pools.

Gates:  Ngare Mare and Buffalo Springs gates.


Samburu National Reserve has the largest number of accommodation facilities in the area.  They vary from luxury camps, budget lodges and public campsites.

  • Samburu Serena Lodge

  • Samburu Lodge

  • Elephant Watch Safari Luxury Camp

  • Samburu Intrepids camp- Heritage hotels

  • Larsen’s tented camp

  • Kitich camp,

  • Ol Malo camp

Activities: Nature walks, camping, game drives, cultural dances, camel safaris, boat rides in Ewaso Ngiro river. 

To the south of Samburu lies the Buffalo springs reserve.  The two are separated by the Ewaso Ngiro River, which supports their life.  The two share the same ecosystem.


An unexplained phenomenon is the presence of the Common Zebra in Buffalo springs and the absence of the species in the Samburu, just across the river.


In addition to the animals found in Samburu, bird life is prolific.


Accommodation:  Buffalo Springs Lodge




Location: 341 Km from Nairobi. 


Area: 220 KM²


Getting there: Fly or drive to the park


Shaba National Reserve takes its name from a massive cone of volcanic rock that dominates the region.  Shaba is also called the Born Free country.  It is here that the famous conservationist Joy Adamson tamed Elsa the lioness.  In addition to Born Free, other films that have been shot here include To Walk with the Lions.


The lifeline of the park is Ewaso Ngiro river, lined with doum palms which forms its Northern boundary. In addition to Ewaso Ngiro, the reserve has four springs, thus making it better watered that either the buffalo Springs or Samburu.


Having more water than her neighbours, Shaba has plenty of game and birdlife.


Accommodation:  Sarova Shaba Lodge.  Renowned of its beauty, the lodge has 85 rooms, restaurant, bar, gas station and swimming pool.

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