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Nanyuki Hotels/ Nanyuki Accommodation; Nanyuki Car Hire/Rental car:-A guide to Nanyuki accommodation, guest houses, villas, cottages  and tourist attractions. Some of the excellent hotels in town and  environs include, Mt Kenya Safari Club, Sportman Arms Hotel, Sweet Waters Tented Camp. The Greater Laikipia is perhaps Kenya's Millionaires Playground.   The Lewa conservancy of late has become the hideout of Prince William.

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Getting /Flights to Nanyuki  
Nanyuki Hotels - Nanyuki Accommodation, Attractions/Tented Camps
Our Nanyuki  Hotels and accommodation directory gives you the hotel rates in USD during the high season. Besides the hotels in Nanyuki, this guide discusses the Greater Laikipia Triangle with its private houses and eco-lodges.  The area is full of adventure and luxury and we have called it Kenya's Millionaire's Playground.  Private houses include Lewa House, Ol Pejeta Ranch House, El Karama House, Matamayu House, Laragai Lodge.  These houses are full of Grandeur, opulence and splendour.
Nanyuki Luxury Hotels,  Lodges/ Resorts & Attractions

Hotel Name


Room Type

Single USD

Double USD

Meal Plan
Mt Kenya Safari Club  Nanyuki Town Standard 175.00 350.00 FB
Kongoni Hotel / Camp Nanyuki Town Standard 40.00 65.00 BB
Sportmans Arms Hotel  Nanyuki Town Standard Rooms 50.00 90.00 BB
Serena Mountain Lodge Mt kenya National Park   192.00 276.00 FB
Sweet Waters Tented Camp Nanyuki   234.00 312.00 FB
Naro Moru River Lodge Naro Moru
Ol Pejeta Ranch House Ol Pejeta Ranch




Mountain Rock (Bantu) Lodge Naro Moru   60.00 80.00


Equator Chalets  Nayuki Town   30.00 40.00 BB
Timau River Lodge Timau/Nanyuki Road   20.00 40.00 BB
Nanyuki River Camel Camp  Nanyuki Town   20.00 30.00 BB
Nanyuki Simba Lodge Nanyuki Town   20.00 30.00 BB
Nyahururu Horizon Hotel  Nanyuki Town   20.00 30.00 BB
Ibis Hotel  Nanyuki Town   20.00 30.00 BB
Joskaki Hotel  Town   20.00 30.00 BB
Private Houses/ Eco-Lodges/ Community Lodges in Greater Laikipia  
Ol pejeta Ranch House Ol Pejeta Ranch        
El Karama House El Karama Ranch        
Matamaiyu House/Mutamayu Mugie Ranch        
Laragai Lodge          
Lewa House Lewa downs        
Boran House          

Getting to Nanyuki /Flights to Nanyuki

Several airlines operate daily flights to Nanyuki from Wilson Airport (Nairobi).  We can orgnize for your tickets.


Driving To Nanyuki

Nanyuki is two hours drive from Nairobi.  You can use public means or we can organize for your car hire.


Rail Transport:  

Though Nanyuki is linked to Nairobi by rail, the passenger transport is not reliable and if you decide to use it, be warned that it will take you a whole day.

Nanyuki /Laikipia Tourist Attractions/ Activities/ /What to do

Located on the western slopes of Mt Kenya, Nanyuki was established in 1907 by the settlers. Today it is the tourism centre of the greater Laikipia District.  The greater Laikipia Triangle( that area between Nyeri, Nyuhururu, Maralal, Wamba, Archer's Post, Isiolo and Meru towns), is full of adventure amidst luxury beyond your imagination.  Believe it or not, it is Kenya's millionaires playground. The Lewa conservancy just a stone through from Nanyuki is a popular hide out of Prince Philip.


Nanyuki Car Hire/Rental:

If you need to rent a car in Nanyuki,  Nyeri or Meru, Please email us and specify the car that you require.  Our fleet has sedans, 4 WD, Mini vans, Suvs etc. To get the rates, please click to our car hire rates in Nairobi.


Safaris From Nanyuki

Numerous community and private ranches which are a model of modern day conservation abound.  Luxury Lodges dot the greater Laikipia. Private Ranches include Sweet Waters, Ol Pejeta, and El Karama.   There are numerous activities one can engage in Nanyuki and the greater Laikipia.

  • Climbing Mt Kenya:- via either Naro Moru, Burguret or Sirimon Routes.  Sirimon is easier than Naro Moru. 

  • Horse Riding:-Horse riding is available in various properties within Nanyuki and beyond. horse riding is available at Sweet Waters, Mt Kenya Safari Club, Lewa Downs.

  • Horse Back Safaris:-  You can enjoy horseback safaris in Laikipia.  The safaris involves mobile camping mixed with stay in luxury eco-lodges.  Horse back safaris are available from El Karama Lodge and last for 11 days.

  • Luxury Camping Safaris:- There are numerous permanent luxury camps within.   From Nanyuki you can organize to stay in numerous luxury campsites within Nanyuki and the greater Samburu.Besides Sweet Waters tented camp, there are Elephant Watch Safaris camp, Kitich Camp, Lewa Safari Camp, Makena's Hills, Sangare Camp, Sarara Camp in the greater Laikipia. All the above are luxury camp sites. Note that visits to these campsites are either by 4WD or flight.

  • Camel Safaris:-The best Camel Safaris are organized from Ol Maisor Ranch situated north of Rumuruti.  Short Safaris can be organized in almost all the campsites.   Long-distance camel walks take people as far north as Lake Turkana, the Suguta Valley, Samburu District, Lake Baringo, or anywhere in between, or beyond.

Banks in Nanyuki

Nanyuki is served by several banks. These includesBarclays Bank, Equity, Kenya Commercial Bank, Cooperative Bank, K Rep Bank.

Nanayuki Restaurants

Nanyuki Tourist Attractions  
Nanyuki Car Hire/Rental  
Nanyuki Banks  
Nanyuki Restaurants  
Safaris from Nanyuki  

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Malindi Beach Hotels-To holiday makers mind Malindi conjures up clear images of serene tropical coastal destination with lots of sun-shine, colorful coral gardens with colorful marine life, white palm fringed beaches kissing the shores turquoise Indian ocean. Such images are not far from the truth.. Among the best hotels are Kilili  Baharini Resort popular with the creme de la creme of Kenya.  Enjoy Malindi Weekend aways from KES 2500 Pp per Night

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Several  wildebeest migration safaris are organized in both  Maasai (Masai) Mara and Serengeti National Parks.  The duration of the safari depends on various factors but mostly on time and budget but also the flexibility of the guest.  The all drive 11 days Masai Mara Serengeti/ Ngorongoro/ Manyara Migration Safari commences from Nairobi and returns to the same via Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, and Amboseli.  The 8 days fly drive Wildebeest Migration Safari Masai Mara National Park  (Mara Explorer 8 days) is a luxury option. Guests fly from Nairobi Wilson to Masai Mara and return to the same.  The 4 days 3 Nights Migration safari combines Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru National Park and Lake Naivasha.   The 6 days Best of Tanzania Safari focuses on wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park.   The best time to witness migration in Masai Mara National Park Kenya, is between July to September. Serengeti National Park is best visited between March and May.  
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