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To the Southern section of  Zanzibar includes the beaches of Kazimkazi, Panje, Bwenjuu, Dongwe and and Makunduchi village. This region is famous for Dolphin tours. The Zanzibar South Coast has several hotels.   Our Zanzibar south coast hotels directory while not exhaustive, gives one a guideline as to the location of hotel and the room rates.  The room rates shown below reflects HIGH SEASON RATES are subject to confirmation.  For low season please make enquiries. We have also included the hotels in the islands like Chapwani.  The Hotels directory has two main columns for rates-Single and double.  Some hotels have triple rooms or an extra bed facility. Do not hesitate to ask for it.

Hotel Name Location  Room Type Room Rates In USD Meal Plan

Zanzibar South Coast Hotels


Room Type/Name



Blue Oyster Beach Hotel Jambiani Beach South East Coast Standard 50.00 70.00  
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Breezes Beach Club

 Bwenjuu Beach

 South East Coast

Standard   324.00 HB
Book this Hotel  Delux   416.00 HB
    Suite     HB
Fumba Beach Lodge Zanzibar South East Coast Delux Room 193.00 324.00 HB
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Karamba Resort Zanzibar South Coast Standard Room 84.00 108.00 BB
Book this Hotel De Lux   126.00 BB
Menai Bay Beach Bangalows Zanzibar South Coast Standard 40.00 70.00 HB
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Palms Zanzibar Zanzibar South Coast Delux 735.00 1047.00 FB
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Panje Beach Bangalows Panje Beach, South East Coast Standard 40.00 70.00 BB
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Panje by Night Hotel Panje Beach, South East Coast Standard 35.00 65.00 BB
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Paradise Bangalows Zanzibar SouthCoast Standard 50.00 60.00 BB
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Pongwe Beach Hotel Zanzibar South Coast Standard Room 80.00 120.00 BB
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Sau Inn Beach Hotel Zanzibar South  Coast Standard 75.00 85.00 BB
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Sultan Palace Pongwe Zanzibar South East Coast Ocean Rooms 293.00 424.00 FB
Book this Hotel  Imperial Suites 356.00 573.00 FB
Sun & Sea View Resort Zanzibar South Coast Standard 50.00 70.00  
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Sunrise Hotel Bwejuu, South East Coast   80.00 100.00 BB
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Villa De Coco Zanzibar South Coast Standard  90.00 120.00  
Book this Hotel Triple    170.00  


Hotels Lodges Tourist Attractions and Activities in South, and South East Coast of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar South Coast will comprise of Kizimkazi,  Mkunguni,  Makunduchi villages, the adjacent island of Uzi.  The South East Coast comprise of Dongwe, Bwejuu, Panje, Jambian and the adjacent beaches.  This Kizimkazi and Makunduchi villages are famous for swimming with dolphins. The Village of Makunduchi is home to Mwaka Kogwa/Nairuz festival which is held in July to marks the beginning of the year by Shirazi Calendar.  Activities include singing, mock fights and feasting.


Dolphin Safaris

The best time to see the Dolphins is between October to February.  Swimming with the Dolphins is not guaranteed as one may be made to believe.  In normal circumstances, dolphins must approach you and not the opposite.  The large number of visitors and noise may even chase them away. The best time to swim with the dolphins is in the morning when the sea is calm and there are few visitors.

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