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An Introduction to Kenya Wildlife Safaris

Sometimes called the cradle of mankind and yet referred to as the whole of Africa in one, Kenya has been simply summed up as magical Kenya.  Kenya is the home of the word safari, meaning an adventure into the wild or unknown.  Did you  dream of exclusivity, once in a lifetime safari experience in  ultimate luxury?  Gorilla Safaris Rwanda interprets it in one word=KENYA.

And it is truly magical.   The magic is captured by its diversity and contrasts.  The single entity Kenya comprises of multiplicity of tribes (more than 40) all with diverse cultural backgrounds.  Each of these tribes is culturally diverse in terms of cuisine, history, language and even location.   Our Kenya wildlife safaris will include a visit to any of these tribes along the route.   Any safari to Kenya would not be complete without visiting the tribesmen.

Tourism activities are distributed through out the country.  However high densities are concentrated in the Mara, Coast and Laikipia.  Laikipia and Samburu are a rich man's country.  In this region are famous reserves of buffalo springs, Shaba and Samburu.  In addition to these are private ranches whose luxury is beyond belief.  A major plus of this region is the Sweet Waters Chimpanzee Sanctuary.  In addition to this, Laikipia is the breeding ground of the Kenya's Rhino population.  In Laikipia we have horse riding, lion tracking, Rhino tracking, camel riding, night game drives, visits to cultural bomas etc.  Laikipia is also the home of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Lewa Downs)  the hideout of Prince William.  It is at Lewa he proposed to Kate Middleton.

Climate:  The climate varies from the hot dry semi arid climate of the North and North Eastern Kenya to the temperate climate of the highlands.  The costal region experiences hot and humid equatorial. The landscape is diverse giving the country a multiplicity of habitats and hence the best wildlife sighting anywhere in the world. 

The large expanse of open savannah makes it easy for visitors to spot birds and animals. 

The Kenya coast is full of adventure. The endless sun drenched white sandy beaches of the coast, the colourful marine fishes makes it a holiday paradise.  Besides these are colourful markets, historical sites and numerous cultural villages to visit.  The coast of Kenya is dominated by the Mijikenda people with their nine subgroups of Giriama, Digo, Ribe, Kambe, Rabai, Chonyi, Jubana, Duruma and the Kauma.  Also found at the coast are the Amu of Lamu, the Pokomo and the Swahili.  Big game fishing, parasailing/ gliding, water skiing, swimming and other water activities are in abundant. If adventure is not your take, you can spend the day sunbathing or reading at the beach.Numerous tourist activities are available in  Mombasa /Malindi/Lamu

Economy:  Economic main economic actities are tourism, agriculture and ranching (animal husbandry), service delivery and commerce.  Dairy, mining, fishing, forestry are not well developed.


In our safaris, you are spoilt for choice.  You are allowed to combine Safaris to incorporate all the five countries of East Africa.

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Kenya highlight tours, safaris and wildlife adventures

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Tanzania Safaris

Kenya, The Wildlife Safari Country-Adventures, activities, events

In Kenya Safari is used to mean travel for leisure.  Safari is simply about people traveling away from or within their homes to meet and experience other people's way of life in between sightseeing.   Kenya Safari is about relaxation and merry making- fun amidst lots of celebrations-dining, wining and dining.  The Safari spirit is about escape from daily routine and visiting prestigious destinations like the national parks (Maasai Mara, Samburu etc)  and the beaches at the coast.  A safari destination is about activities.  Besides wildlife sporting (either on foot or vehicle), there are numerous activities to be undertaken depending on what you want to achieve.  From the very beginning Kenya has been an adventurous country associated with big game viewing.  Our adventure safaris are either soft or hard.  


Hard adventure safaris involves guests participating in strenuous activities like hiking, mountain climbing, horse riding, camel safaris, animal tracking, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, sky diving, Gliding safaris, Fishing,Kayaking, white water rafting, rock climbing, camping, motor /motor cycle racing etc.  


Numerous events are available in Kenya.  The Rhino Charge and Lewa Marathon are some of the events that fall under this category.  Motor car racing- Safari Rally attracts numerous funs from all over the world.  Other motor car events include Cocours de elegance, which show cases classic cars.


Adventure safaris include visiting hardship areas like Central Northern Kenya ( Laikipia and Samburu Areas)  Northern Kenya ( Marakwet, Turkana and Marsabit areas) and participating in their camel, horse and hiking safaris.  Also in this region, we have elephant watching, lion and rhino tracking safaris.


Mountaineering and rock climbing adventures are available in Mt, Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro.  Mt Elgon is ideal for practicing purposes.  Numerous rock climbing opportunities exist in Hell's Gate, Cherangani, Athi river and Tsavo West. 


Caving/ cave exploration adventures are available at Chyulu hills, Mt Elgon,  Mt Suswa, Cherangani, Turgen Hills, Tsavo East  and South Coast. 


Water sports like canoeing, Kayaking, white water rafting and boating opportunities are available in the rivers and lakes of Kenya.  White water rafting is available at Tsavo East National Park and the man made lakes of masinga.  boating opportunities are available in Lake Naivasha, Turkana and Victoria.  Kayaking is availabel in the Tana.


Soft or exotic safari activities health spas safaris, like massage, meditation, , yoga and aromatherapy are available.  Included in this category are full body works- pedicures, manicures, yoga, and meditation.  Other do it yourself include steam bathes and mud bathes.  Yoga and Meditation are offered at Mukutan Retreat, and Loisaba ( Laikipia), Alfajiri (Diani beach) and Baraka Houses ( Watamu beach). Loisaba provides starbeds where guests sleep under the stars


Aerial activities like Micro lifting, Helicopter safaris, Kite surfing and sky diving are available in Kenya.  Kite surfing takes place year round at Che Shale 20 Km north of Malindi.  Micro Lifting is organized at Amboseli.  Helicopter safaris are organized at Mukutan and Loisaba( Laikipia) to explore remote regions of the Northern Central Kenya. 


Animal Trek Safaris are available in Northern Kenya.  Kirisia hills are known for Donkey trek safari into the surrounding wilds.   In the private ranches of Laikipia plateau, Naivahsa and Maasai Mara, horse back safaris are organized. 













































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