Nakuru Car hire/ Nakuru Car Rental-A guide to safaris and tracking, Nakuru city tour, national park, attractions, wildlife safaris, mountaineering, hiking and trekking tours, hotels and lodges, car rental or hire  in Nakruru, Kisumu, Nairobi, Mombasa, malindi, Kenya. Contact GORILLA SAFARIS RWANDA for Self drive, un limited mileage, chauffeur driven and other car rental services.

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Kenya Car rental ,hire or rent a car out of Nakuru, Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi, Kisumu

Car hire, rent or rental in Nakuru, Kenya is not easy and one is advised to rent his car in advance.  This ensures that your rental car is ready on arrival.  Cheap bargains are available however cheap can turn out to be too expensive in the long run. Within the main roads, one can comfortably use a standard car.  However out of these, it is recommended that your rent 4WD.  Our selection of rental cars is wide with vehicles ranging from, economy, compact, premium and luxury cars; sports cars, mini vans, full size vans and sport utility (SUV), and even buses in Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi and Kisumu, Kenya. 


Our rental cars are selected with comfort, accessibility, continuity, fashion/style and discovery in mind. Below are our car types and rates.  The rates are valid up to 30 Dec 2012

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 Car Type/Class/Model  Car Description


Daily Rental 

+ Fuel & Driver

Daily Rental + driver No Fuel Daily Self Drive

Land Rover Discovery

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Prado

Mitsubisi Pajero,

Nissan Patrol,2.5cc

4WD,Air conditioned,Manual transmission,2/4/5 doors

4 passengers

Luggage space 

TPW/CDW   USD 190.00 USD 170.00 USD 150.00

Toyota Rav 4

Suzuki Grand  Vitara

Mitsubisi Pajero


4WD,Air Conditioned, Manual transmission,2/3/4 door

2/4 passengers

Luggage space

TPW/CDW USD 170.00 USD150.00 USD 130.00

Standard Sedan cars

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corona

Hyudai Accent 1.3cc

2/4 doors, Air conditioned


2WD, 3 passengers


TPW/CDW USD 110.00 USD 80.00 USD 70.00

Standard Sedans

Toyota Corolla 110

Toyota Corona

Mitsubishi Lancer


2WD,2/4 doors,Air conditioned


3 passengers


TPW/CDW USD 110 USD 80.00 USD 70.00

Mini Vans

Toyota Hiace

Safari mini Van


2WD, 4 doors, Air conditioned

Manual Transmission

6 passengers

Luggage space 

TPW/CDW USD 190.00 USD 170.00 USD 150.00
Safari Land Cruiser 4.0cc

4WD,4 doors, Air conditioned

Stereo tape/CD player

Manual Transmission

6 passengers

Luggage space 

TPW/CDW USD 250.00 USD 200.00 USD 180.00
For wildlife safaris in Kenya's National Parks four wheel drive rental is recommended.

To hire email us: or

Getting to NaKuru

Nakuru lies 157 Km to the west of Nairobi.


The car rental shown above is on Unlimited Mileage basis in Nakuru Kenya.  All the cars listed above are available at any time.


Nakuru Self drive car rental / Kenya/  Nakuru Shelf drive car Hire:

In Kenya we keep left.  For self drive/ selfdrive car hire,  you must have a valid driving license.  For none resident, you must have an international driving license.  In addition to this, our agency requires that you  be at least 23 Years of age and must have your identification papers-passport, driving license and I/D Card.


Chauffeurs/Drivers/Chauffeur Driven Hire/Rentals in Nakuru Kenya

We recommend drivers when you are not familiar with the routes or a like  Nairobi city. Likewise drivers are recommended when you cannot communicate in local languages like Kiswahili or official Language English. Above all drivers are necessary when you want to sit down relax and enjoy scenery or in case you need a guide companion.


Deposit in case of damage to the car:  

A self drive car will attract a refundable deposit of USD 500.00(Five hundred only) per vehicle as a sign of good will.  All our guests are expected to take care of the cars otherwise in the event of any damage to the car, we will take the car to the garage for examination and evaluation with the guest.  If the damage is beyond USD 500.00, the guest will be expected to add the difference. If the damage is less than USD 500.00,  we will pay the garage and give the difference to the guest.    Please note that this deposit does not apply to Chauffeur driven cars.



Our Cars come with full inclusive insurance. 


Highway requirements in Kenya:  

For car rental in Kenya like other countries, the police checks can ruin your trip. To avoid complications with the Kenya police, make sure that the car rental company or individual has the necessary papers for the car.  These include current insurance,  road license etc.  Equally important is to ensure that the car given to you has spare wheel, jack, fire extinguisher, warning triangle.


Pick up and drop off points for Cars in Nakuru Kenya: 

Unless you are already within the country, our rental include airport  transfers.  We pick you at the airport and return you to the airport.  Cars can also be dropped at our Nakuru Agency office during working hours 08:00 Hrs-17:00Hrs.


Weekly and monthly rental in Nakuru

These rentals are available on request.


Optional Equipments:

These may be availed on request.  Car rental may include the following items on request- baby seat, camping gear, water container etc. Camping gear is available at extra cost.


Nakuru Hotels/ Accommodation in Nakuru:

Nakuru has got different classes of hotels to cater for different categories of visitors.  Within the town centre, there are business/tourist hotels to cater for both leisure and business traveller.   Within Lake Nakuru National Park there are two lodges, a tented camp, a guest house, bandas and campsites.   Lodges in Lake Nakuru National Park are Lake Nakuru Lodge and Sarova Lion Hill Lodge.  The only tented camp is the Flamingo Hill Tented Camp.  Kws Hostels are at the main gate.

Within Nakuru Town are business and budget properties.

Business class hotels include Merica Hotel, Kunste Hotel, Cathy Hotel and Botana Hotel.  Others include Pivot Hotel, Genevieve Hotel, Midland Hotel, Eros Guest House and Stem Hotel.


Nakuru Attractions

Besides Lake Nakuru National Park other attraction within Nakuru include Menengai Crater, Hyrax Hill Archeological site, Mau Forest.


Nakuru Restaurants


Nakuru History

Nakuru Banks

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