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Primate Safaris Rwanda-A guide to gorilla tracking and chimpanzee safaris, trekking and hiking tours, primate adventures, beach safari, hotels, lodges, car rental and hire in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania including Zanzibar.




Rwanda Primate safaris and tours

1.  Primate safaris Rwanda-Gorilla Tracking, Hiking and Tracking Safaris 4days/3Nights

The above tour can be combined head on with

      (i)  Kenya Highlight 9 days-Mt Kenya, Samburu, Sweet waters, Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara

      (ii) Great Migration Safari - Maasai Mara Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara  Migration 11


2.  Primate Safaris Rwanda -Gorilla Chimpanzee Tracking tour 10 days/9Nights

3.  Great Primates Expedition-Chimpanzee Gorilla Hiking Safaris 8Days/7NIghts

4.  Great primates expedition Rwanda- chimpanzee Gorilla Trekking Safaris 6 days/5 Nights

5.  Gorilla, chimpanzee, golden monkey, colobus tracking & trekking safari 8 days7 nights

6.  Discover a thousand hills Akagera-Nyungwe-Kivu-Volcanoes 10 days 9 nights 

7.   Uganda- Rwanda Gorilla Chimpanzee tracking, trekking and hiking Safaris

      7 days 6 nights

Below are comments from Fodors Travel Forum regarding our Primate and Gorilla safaris in Rwanda.

"We used a company called GORILLA SAFARIS RWANDA (after quite a few Fodorites recommended them). I was nervous at first as you have to wire transfer the money, but it all worked out in the end and we saved thousands of dollars compared to other tour companies"

Toshi comments,"The Rwanda portion was booked through R&N Xplorer. Our driver, Vicky (male), was fantastic. I'd recommend R&N and Vicky wholeheartedly. Don't be put off by the wire transfer thing - it's the way business is done. In fact, I was unable to use my visa for dinner at the Mille Collines!"  link


Mombasa & Coast, Magical Kenya, Discover Rwanda

Discover Rwanda


Perhaps short of vocabulary, one foreigner described Rwanda as, The Switzerland of Africa, �The Land of a Thousand Hills�, another �the land of a thousand smiles� and yet the local people talk of Rwanda �Nziza�, beautiful Rwanda.


This goes to show how difficult it is to ascribe any human definition for the splendors of this great land of uniquely beautiful landscape. A home to the renowned warriors of the past, colourful dancers, a beautiful people of infinite hospitality.


Welcome to the land that beckoned to great explorers, scientists and conservationists, who spellbound by the beauty of the land left a lot undiscovered for the benefit of the future generations.


There is something fascinating about Rwanda, which I cannot tell you.   Discover it for yourself.


Gorilla Tracking Safaris

Providing sanctuary to the last remaining population of wild mountain gorillas, Rwanda is an exciting destination synonymous with gorilla tracking and trekking safaris.  Gorilla tracking in Rwanda takes place in Volcanoes National Park (Parc des Volcans). Gorilla tracking is a million dollar practice with immense economic benefits to the local community, without which the mountain gorilla conservation would be a liability.  This daily adventure has made the mountain gorilla one of the most expensive animals though not in league of the teddy bears.


Gorilla trekking is a clean practice (eco friendly) which ensures minimal impact to the local community, the environment and the gorillas. Gorilla Trekking Rules and regulations have been put in place for the safety of the trackers, the gorillas and to check adverse environmental impacts. Besides these rules and regulations guarantees the continued existence of the gorilla as species, that is to avoid the extinction of the gorillas.


Encounter with the Gorillas has been described as thrilling, evocative and even emotional.   The gigantic silver-backs are gentle and will rarely attach unless provoked.  Young gorillas are a bit adventurous even playful and will come to touching distance of individual trackers.  They are particularly attracted to bright colours like yellow.  In that case avoid them.


Equally unique is the Nyungwe forest National Park.   A primate�s nirvana with 13-recorded species of primates including the chimpanzees, Nyungwe is equally of great significant to the explorers as it hosts the source of the river Nile which eluded great explorers like Richard Burton, John Speke, James Barker and a host of others.  Thus a discovery tour of Nyungwe forest is a very rewarding experience. Besides tracking the chimpanzees and the other primates, it gives one a rare opportunity to trace the footsteps of the early explorers in search of the elusive source of the river Nile.   Unlike Richard Burtons and John spekes of the earlier days who missed it, you will definitely discover it and thanks to Rwanda�s conservation effort, the source of the Nile is exactly the way it was when it was finally �discovered� in 1898.  In addition the forest is a nature lovers paradise with 275 species of birds, 260 species of trees, over 100 species of orchids and 125 species of butterflies. 


Great is the wildlife experience of Akagera National park.  Elephants, buffaloes, zebras, lions roam the plains while huge crocodiles and hippos rule the river sides, lakes and ponds.  Birding in Akagera is equally great with over 425 species recorded. 


Besides with three great apes- man, gorillas and chimpanzees, Rwanda is definitely ideal place for those searching for the missing evolutionary link. 


Rwanda is full of hard adventure. The peaks of Virunga mountains, beckons to mountain climbers.  The ascent of the Karisimbi volcano (4507M) takes two days while  Bisoke (3711) climb take one day.   The hilly nature of the country with numerous observation points is ideal for hiking and trekking while protruding rocky outcrops offer great opportunities for rock climbing.  Camping opportunities exists in the wilds of Akagera and Nyungwe forest.  Equally fascinating is boating in Akagera in close vicinity of grunting hippopotamus and wide mouthed crocodiles. The twists and turns of this country�s road are a great challenge to any motor sport enthusiast.  The mountain gorilla rally held every August is a test of the endurance to both the machine and the crew.   The presence of many lakes makes Rwanda ideal for funs of water sports.  Currently one can engage in canoeing and swimming.  For those who fear open water, swimming is available in some of the hotels and lodges.  Boat tours can be easily arranged in Lake Kivu and Muhazi.


With over 740 species of birds recorded, Rwanda is a bird watchers paradise, of unrivalled repute.


Conference and business tourism is well catered for.  A majority of the tourists and business hotels have the capacity to cater for large conferences and business meetings.  While some feature sophisticated conference facilities, complete with Internet, faxing, interpretation and translation options, others have simple business centres with only Internet and telephone facilities.


Too much meetings or sightseeing without refreshments is not ideal for anyone. In Kigali, there are restaurants specializing in international cuisine like India


Kigali has numerous eating places ranging from high class restaurants catering for international clients to basic kiosks selling drinks and snacks.  Outside of Kigali most of the tourist centres have clean restaurants where one can take a meal and continue with exploration.


Cultural tourism is vibrant.  The traditional dance � Intore� is both alluring and

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