Maralal Hotels, Maralal Accommodation, Maralal Safari Lodge,  Guest House,  Attractions/ Activities-For all your accommodation, car hire and hotel needs in Maralal.   Enjoy the annual camel derby, camel safaris and walks into Suguta valley.  Visit Maralal and overnight at Maralal Safari Lodge, Yare Safari Club, Cheers, Peacock,  Guest House, Sunbird, Impala Lodge,
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Getting to Maralal


Maralal Hotels,  Maralal Accommodation , Tourist Attractions,  Car Hire/Rental Maralal Camel Derby

Maralal is located about 350 Km from Nairobi via Nyahururu.  It can easily be accessed by air. The town is served by two airstrips.  Kisima airstrip, 20 km south of the town is suitable for larger aircrafts.  Maralal is 160Km from Baringo and 185 Km from Isiolo via Wamba.  Public transport is available from Nairobi, Isiolo, Nanyuki and Wamba.  Public transport is extremely tedious since they use toyota Hiace cars which are not suited for the rough roads.  A 4WD, preferably a landcruiser is best for these parts of the country.  It will take you approximately 5 hours by Land-Cruiser to do 185 Km from Maralal to Isiolo.

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Maralal Safari Lodge


USD 180.00

USD 280.00


USD 165.00 USD 230.00 HB






Yare Safari Club


USD 25.00

USD 35.00







Cheers Guest House


USD 12.00








Sun bird Guest House


USD 10.00








Peacok Guest House


USD 5.00








Jamalo Guest House


USD 5.00








Ngiro Guest House


USD 10.00








Hotels in Maralal a Brief Description

Maralal Safari Lodge>>Situated in Maralal Game Sanctuary 10 Km from Maralal Town. Maralal Safari Lodge has 20 rooms , swimming pool and pool bar.  Rooms in Maralal Safari Lodge have verandahs, sitting area, shaving sockets,  The sanctuary has 260 species of birds, elephants, zebra, baboon, leopard, jackal, hyena, impala and eland. Other activities from the lodge include

  • Visits to Rift Valley view point at Losiolo

  • Visits to the township market to buy high quality Turkana and Samburu artifacts.

  • Manyatta visits

  • Kenyatta House Museum

  • Visits to Magie Ranch (60Km) to view lions, elephants, buffaloes

  • Visits to Ol Mukutan Retreat

  • Visits to Private ranches of Loisaba.

Yare Safari Club & Camp Site>> The Yare Camel Club is the base of trekking and camel safaris.  The club comprise of 12 self contained bandas with hot water, a bar , restaurant and plyign ground for children.  Besides it has seminar/conference facilities.


Camel Safaris from Yare>>Camel safaris vary in length from a simple excursion with morans to a seven days expedition.  Camel safaris follow a similar routine.  Only the scenery changes.  The safari commences from Yare.  After breakfast you saddle  your camels and enter the bush with the guides.  During the safari, you are free to walk or ride your camel through the bush and scrub.  In the afternoon, the sun is hot and you can relax. Picnic lunches are served in the campsites or in the bush.  Evening are under canvas in the campsites.  During the afternoon siesta one can hire local morans and have a nature walk.


Maralal Camel Derby

The Malaral Camel Derby is an annual event held every August.  This spectacular event draws visitors from all over the world. The event first took place in 1990. Riders are from all over the world and camels are available for hire.  The festival has been expanded and thus in addition to the camel races, it include cycling races and donkey rides for children and traditional dances.

Cycling is serious covering a distance of 30 Km.


Besides camel race competition, the festival is a large tourist attraction and aims at sensitizing the world on rapid desertification in Kenya and improving camel husbandry.


Safaris/ Trekking/ Hiking  into Suguta Valley And Lake Turkana. (This is not for the faint hearted)

Long, hard trekking,  in harsh and inhospitable terrain and yet immensely rewarding. The heat is unrelenting , the landscape rugged.  Simply put, Suguta Valley in one of the most adventurous place to visit on earth.   A safari through Suguta starts with a drive from Maralal to Baragoi anf finally South Horr for overnight.  On day two, you depart South Horr and hike to Mt Ngiro for another night. Here you set up camp at the base where you have fantastic views of Suguta Valley.  Mt Ngiro is an island haven with tropical forest in the desert. On day 3 dismantle your campsite and walk to Ruum where you saddle your pack animals and hike into Suguta Valley with its desert scenery, salt lakes, volcanic cones and plugs.  Camp at a suitable place in the valley.  Use your water sparingly.  On Day4 you walk to Lake Logipi with its Cathedral rock.  The lake hosts flamingoes.  Camp by the lake Side.  Day5, Walk to lake Turkana via Kokorinya ridge. Camp by the lake shore. On day6  walk east past Teliki volcano to Von Honels Bay where we will meet transport to take us to Loiyangalani. This safari can be extended southwards into Samburu Reserve and back to Nairobi.

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Maralal Camel Derby


Excursions to Suguta Valley


Camel Safaris




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