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Tsavo National Park, comprising of Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks, form the biggest game sanctuary in Kenya occupying 21,000 Kmē. The open grasslands and plenty of water makes Tsavo one of the best place to view wildlife. The Tsavo National park is the home to the man-eaters of Tsavo, the lions that almost paralyzed the construction of Uganda Railway. By the time they were killed by Col. Patterson, they had already devoured 28 Indian labourers and about 100 Africans. The remains of the lions are exhibited at Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.


Tsavo East  Game Park occupy a total of 11,747 Kmē, making it the largest conservation block in the country.


Getting to Tsavo East National Park- Gates & Distance Nairobi Tsavo:
The drive from Nairobi to Tsavo East National Park can be very interesting especially if your guide knows the history of the various towns and shopping centres that you drive by.  From Nairobi the first significant town is Athi River, followed by Salama, Email, Kiboko, Kibwezi, Mtito Adei, Tsavo, Manyani and finally Voi.   Voi is only 160Km from Mombasa.  Travel from Nairobi will take at most 4 hours depending on the gate that you use.  Tsavo East National Park requires a smart card.  The park headquarters are at Voi gate.


Gates and Distances from Main Towns(Naiorbi, Mombasa, Malindi:

From Nairobi one can access Tsavo East Game Park through Mtito Adei Gate(240Km from Nairobi ), Tsavo gate ( 290Km),  Manyani Gate (307 Km) or Voi gate (340Km). 


From Mombasa the park can be accessed through Bachuma gate.   From Malindi,  park can be

 reached via Sala gate (118Km from Malindi) . 


Flying options are available from Nairobi, Mombasa and Malindi. Tsavo East is served by several air strips.  There are airstrips at Galdessa and Satao.



Tsavo East experiences a hot and dry climate.



Tsavo East has a wide diversity of habitats ranging from bushy grasslands, open plains, rocky outcrops, semi-arid acacia scrub and woodlands. Swampy marshlands occur near Voi River. This has made it possible to host a wide variety of wildlife.  Though big in size, some parts of Tsavo East are not open to tourist over the years but today, restricted access is allowed.  North of Galana is a true wilderness.


Tsavo East Attractions /Activities/What to do:

Diverse landscapes  and wild animal viewing are the main attraction in Tsavo East.  Most of the activities are concentrated along the Galana River with its picturesque Lugard Falls.  Bird watching, hiking and whitewater rafting are the main activities one can undertake.  Being on the bird migratory route, bird watching is particularly ideal during Oct to January when migratory birds from Eastern and Western Europe visit the park.


Mammals and other animals of Tsavo East.

Tsavo East has a wide range of wildlife.  Mammals species include: lions, leopard, cheetah, zebras, giraffes, serval, antelopes, kongoni, lesser kudu, oryx, klipspringer, impala, stripped hyena, water buck, kudu, gerenuk, hunters hartebeest, gazelles, buffalos, black rhinos, and elephants. Crocodiles occupy the river banks.

Tsavo East is a bird watchers' paradise with some 500 species recorded including the ostrich, kestrels, buzzards, African skimmers, goshawks, red and yellow bishops, palm nut vultures and the white-headed buffalo weavers.

Physical Features /Attractions in Tsavo East National Park:  

The main features of  include the following

  • Lugard Falls- on the River Galana.

  • Crocodile Point on the Galana River.  

  • Mudanda Rock - Near Manyani gate>> this is a 1.6 Km long and has a natural dam at the base that attracts animals. One can walk along the rock and observer animals at the base.

  • Yatta plateau.    

  • Athi River/ River Galana

  • Aruba dam- This was built in 1952 across the Tsavo River.  It attracts large number of animals. 

Tsavo East Accommodation/ Tsavo East Lodges/ Tented Camps and Public Campsites:

Accommodation in the Park is available at first class lodges, tented camps and public campsites. -


Tsavo East Safari Lodges

There are several safari lodges in Tsavo East National park.  These include.

Tented camps/  campsites

Camping is one of the main activities in Tsavo East National Park.   Below are some of the luxury tented camps in Tsavo East.

  • Galdessa Safari camp (16 beds ), This airy and delightful  tented camp 15 Km west of Lugard falls, offers expansive views of River Galana and Yatta Plateau.  The Bandas, rested on wooden platforms,  are separately sited hence giving ultimate privacy.  Tents have en-suite showers, flush toilets and solar heating.  This eco- camp is near the rhino sanctuary.  The camp offers day and night game drives and guided nature walks.

  • Epiya Chapeyu Camp (22 beds)

  • Tsavo Safari Camp (Cottars) (40 beds)

  • Satao Camp (20 beds) Located 45 km from Bachuma gate, Satao  is ideal for visitors arriving from Mombasa.   Next to Satao is a  floodlit waterhole where animals come to drink daily.  The tents offer en suite showers and flush toilets.  It is in budget category.

  • Patterson Safari camp (20 tents)  Located 8 Km from Tsavo Gate and 9 Km from Manyani gate, Patterson's sits at the place where Patterson managed to Kill the famous man eaters of Tsavo. This budget property enjoys a relaxed setting under the doum palms.  The tents are self contained with en-suite showers and flush toilets.

  • Crocodile Camp.

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