Tsavo West National Park, Tsavo West Safaris, Tsavo West Lodges,  Game,  Attractions- A guide to wildlife experiences, camping and safaris in Tsavo west National Park.   Visit Mzima Springs, Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, Chyulu Hills, Taita Hills or simply go bird ringing.  Enjoy the hospitality of some of the best lodges in Kenya- Ngulia,  Kilaguni, Finch Hattons, Taita Hills Lodge, Lake Jipe Lodge, Salt Lick lodge, Oldonyo Wuas.

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Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary  
TSAVO WEST NATIONAL PARK ,  Kenya / Tsavo West Safaris,  Tsavo West Lodges Attractions 

Area: Tsavo West National Park  has an area of 9065 km2.

Separated from Tsavo East Park by Nairobi- Mombasa road, the park extends from Athi River in the  North to Tanzania border.  Tsavo West Park  is also the home of the man eaters of Tsavo, the lions which brought the construction of the railway to a standstill. The local people believed that the lions were reincarnated chiefs protesting the invasion of their land by foreigners. A visit to Tsavo West Game Park is best combined with excursions to Chyulu hills National  Park and Taita Hills Game Reserve.  Other attractions in the vicinity include Lake Jipe and Tsavo East National Park.


Established: Gazetted in 1948, Tsavo West is an ideal destination for those interested in hard adventures.  While game watching is ideal in Tsavo West and particularly at Mzima Springs, the nearby Chyulu Hills National Park (see below)  offers hiking and caving opportunities. Rock climbing is possible at Tembo peak and Ngulia hills.


In Tsavo West Park temperature ranges from 20o C - 30o C and rainfall from 200mm - 700mm. The park  Experiences two rainy seasons: Long rains - March/April & Short rains- Nov/December.



Tsavo West National Park  has a variety of habitats including open plains, savannah bush, semi desert scrub, acacia woodlands, rocky ridges and outcrops, extensive ranges and isolated hills, belts of riverine vegetation, palm thickets and on the Chyulu hills, mountain forest.


Physical Features/ Attractions in Tsavo West ;

The main physical features in  are Shaitani lava flow , Chyulu hills, Lake Jipe , Mzima springs, Mt. Kilimanjaro Chaimu craterRoaring rocks.


Mzima springs are perhaps one of the greatest wonder of Tsavo West.   Water gurgles from the underground and forms large expanse of pools, which provide habitats for colourful fish, hippos and crocodiles. A glass observation tank allows one to view this aquatic undisturbed. The springs are the main source of water for Mombasa municipality.  At its prime Tsavo's Mzima Springs gurgled out 20 million litres of water daily.


Mammals: Besides the lions, the Park has a large concentration of herbivores and predators. and other animals.   These include the Bush back, dik dik, duikers, eland, gazelles, gerenuk, wildebeest, hartebeest, impala, klipspringer, lesser kudu, fringe eared Oryx, steinbok, suni, buffalo, elephant, maasai giraffe, hippos, black rhino, cheetah, aardwolf, caracal, hyena, lions, leopard, baboons


The Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary:

The Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary covers an area of 62Km2.  It has around 60 Black Rhinos.  Ngulia Rhino sanctuary is fully fenced.


Lake Jipe

Lake Jipe is reached from Taveta.  One can go for a boat ride in the lake.  It is also popular with migratory birds from Europe between February and May.


With over 600 recorded species of birds, Tsavo West National Park is a bird watcher's paradise. Lake Jipe being one of the favoured sites of migratory birds. Each year from September to November the Ngulia region becomes the base for a large-scale netting and ringing.


Getting Into Tsavo West

The park can accessed by road from Nairobi or Mombasa.


Airstrips :
Kamboyo, Kilaguni, Tsavo Gate and Maktau airstrips are in good condition.


Park  Gates:
Chyulu, Mtito Andei, Tsavo, Jipe, Maktau Gate, Kasigau Gate.


Accommodation /Safari  Lodges in Tsavo West National Park:
The first lodge to be constructed in the park was Kilaguni/ Kilaguni. It was opened in 1962 by the Duke of Gloucester.  The lodge affords panoramic views of the park.  Its waterhole is frequented by park animals.  Others include:-


Campsites & Camping in the Park:
Lake Jipe (public); Kamboya (public); Royal Little (special); Lake Jipe; Chyulu Gate; Diani Camp; Finch Hattons Camp, Kitani safari camp,


Lake Jipe; Kitani; Ngulia.


Picnic Sites:
Poachers look out; Chaimu Crater; Shetani caves; Roaring Rocks.


Chyulu Hills National Park

The combination of Beautiful scenery and rugged terrain makes Chyulu Hills the best hiking destination in Kenya.  The main attraction is Leviathan Cave, the world's second-longest lava tube. Animals include elephants, buffaloes, elands, forest hogs and an occasional black rhinocerous.

Gates;- Makedo Gate, Kibwezi Gate,


Accommodation at Chylu Hills National Park

Public campsite at Kibwezi Gate (Bring your own camping equipments.  Outisde the park are Umani Springs Camp ( ideal for serious cavers), Ol Donyo Wuas (Very exclusive and  Campi Ya Kanzi and Nyati Safari Camp.


Taita Hills Game Reserve

Chyulu Hills National Park  
Taita Hills Game Reserve  
Lake Jipe  
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